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Bruce Anderson

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Bruce Anderson, CEO of Platinum Sound Enterprises LLC, is a freelance blogger, Program Director for Platinum Radio, and an overall entrepreneur at heart. Bruce operates in the Lansing Michigan region helping up and coming artists gain the overall edge as an independent musician. 

The journey began as a young teen in high school who had a passion for music. As he got older he tried to pursue his own dream of becoming an artist but didn't see the vision through because his heart wasn't in it. He began accumulating his network and then his passion for the business grew. After his daughter, Courtney Anderson was born in 2010 he knew what his focus was. Bruce realized he wanted to build an empire that his daughter could one day be a part of and one day own so the rise to greatness began.


Within the first few years, Bruce gained a wide network of like-minded individuals and people who have the same goal and drive. Originally a struggling artist now a full-blown businessman the #TeamPlatinum movement was born.  His passion for music and drive help him in assisting his clients to the max and help gain exceptional results. Bruce attends local showcases, events, meetings, etc to build a solid network to bring the "Platinum Movement" to the top. With a large network, it's only a matter of time before the #TeamPlatinum Monark will become a household name. Bruce's mission is clear, his vision is to become the premier independent entertainment company, and nothing will stand in his way. 

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