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Ms. Carmen

Ms. Carmen, founder of Platinum Voice PR, a full-service public relations, marketing and social media boutique headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, and  Chicago, Illinois servicing clients from a multitude of industries from aspiring artists to established brands.


Officially established in 2009, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions, communication development, and project managing, we offer our clients the full package. Ms. Carmen provides counsel to individual artists, bands and entrepreneurs; special events, mixtape release parties, product launches, and social media marketing/promotions are just a few services that are provided to all potential clients. Platinum Voice PR creates the Branding Strategy for the artist focusing on different markets in the United States.  Our Branding and Marketing Strategy is known for Artists and Businesses. We’ve been quite successful in Branding and notably in various capacities for businesses; as well as artists.



Ms. Carmen started Platinum Voice PR from her effective networking skills on various Social Networking Sites and her passion to write about the news on blogs. She has always been a networker for the people; had the gift of creating social events and groups since the age of 19. Her accomplishments include; PR for The Official Core DJs; Hosting and executive producing the new television show, Access Avenue TV [WJYS], creating two popular social groups on Facebook, I’m An Entrepreneur and I’m A Woman and Men Doing Business for business owners; Creating the #ChicagoMusic movement on Facebook and Twitter, Public Relations for DJ Phantom[WGCI in Chicago] and DJ Lomaxx[Hot 107.1 in Memphis];  PR for HeadLinerz ENT, DrumSquad DJs and Jones Entertainment Group; as well as planning events for local business owners. Ms. Carmen has brought together entrepreneurs and artists from all over the world together in one common space to create a solid foundation for networking.




With over 10 years of experience in the public relations field and collaborating with members of the music industry, Ms. Carmen brings a wealth of knowledge in networking, music and business opportunities to assist current and future clients in developing a strategic profile and awareness. Ms. Carmen recognizes her ability to connect people of all business aspects and their resources and works diligently to bring awareness to their brand. Access Avenue TV has given her the opportunity to showcase her voice over skills, hosting style and television placement for many artists like Crucial Conflict, Jay Hollins, Derty Harry, J-Lyn; just to name a few.




Ms. Carmen takes on a personal approach to building, supporting and working for artists, companies, and other potential clients. She personally attends artists’ showcases, sponsored events, mixtape release parties, etc. in order to build concrete relationships. Also, she has represented several artists from the Chicagoland area and will continue to strive for divine blessings and support those who need to brand their product/name.


Ms. Carmen’s strengths lie in building solid client relationships, creative campaigns, trend-setting within the music industry and strategy that scores top placements. Ms. Carmen oversees the creative direction at Platinum Voice PR as well as business development. We’ve been quite successful in Branding and notably in various capacities for businesses as well as artists.


Now, the next question is: Are you ready to be exposed? Ms. Carmen is ready for the challenge.

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