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18-year-old confesses to killing Hip-Hop superstar Pop Smoke

A recent development relates to the confession of a juvenile suspected of murdering musician Bashar Barakah Jackson formally known as Pop Smoke.

Four unmasked men broke into the Los Angeles Airbnb where Pop Smoke was while showering in his bedroom. He was temporarily residing with friends on a four-day trip on February 19, 2020. The rapper was shot and killed.

Corey Walker, 22, and Keandre Rodgers, 21, were each charged as a juvenile and entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter. The offenders were captured in July 2020, five months after the tragic event occurred.

The incident involved a home invasion dated February 2020. According to the Los Angeles Times, two minors admitted to the crime of shooting Pop Smoke in a juvenile court.

An individual was charged as a juvenile because he was 15 years old at the time of the offense. Alexandra Rosario of the Los Angeles Times reported that he also admitted to the home- invasion robbery and allegations that he personally and intentionally discharged a firearm during the crime.

Due to his young age during the break-in, his identity has been withheld from the media. The confession might make him spend the rest of his life in prison. The admission follows the guilty plea of a 20-year-old defendant in the same case.

The 15-year-old defendant shot the rapper three times in the back and then pistol-whipped him. The defendants made off with Pop Smoke's diamond Rolex watch, which they sold for $2,000 each.

Brooklyn-based rapper Pop Smoke is well-known for tracks like "Welcome to the Party" and "What You Know About Love." His abrupt passing shocked the world because he had collaborated with well-known artists, including Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott.


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