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[New Music] 5ive Mics " Pump Up The Volume" | @5ive_mics

Hailing from New York 5ive Mics is a force to be reckoned with. His recent signing to All Entertainment Media Group marks a huge milestone in his career. Having a long history of making his runs through the streets, 5ive Mic's name rings bells amongst many. From appearances on Math Hoffa's podcast to China Mac, 5ive Mic's is known to tell it like it is and has the resume to back it up. Many major Hip-Hop heavyweights from Fat Joe, Jim Jones, T.I., and Busta Rhymes all cosign 5ive Mics.

The opportunities are endless with this new collaboration and the future is looking sharp for this young artist. Only time will tell how this partnership will turn out but one thing is clear, the drive for these two entities is high, and the dedication to make it work. This shows that with hard work and patience, anything is possible.

Click below to check out his newest record "Pump Up The Volume"

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