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[ARTIST INTERVIEW]: Don Modus | IG @DonModus

Platinum Radio Online: What's up DonModus? Are you ready for this interview?

Don Modus: Yes sir thank you for having me it’s great to talk with Platinum Radio.

Platinum Radio Online: How'd you get the name DonModus? What does it mean?

Don Modus: Don Modus Is a combination of Latin and old English. Don is a verb meaning “to-do” and Modus is Latin meaning “fashion”. The name was originally a clothing brand that I started with another person but when he fell off I adopted the name as my own.

Platinum Radio Online: Let's discuss your new single and video "Peter Pan", for those that haven't heard it yet, what's it all about?

Don Modus: It's got a new school rap vibe with a fire beat. Peter Pan is a nickname given to me by some of my boys cause I’m always chasing green (money).

Platinum Radio Online: Who did you work with on this single?

Don Modus: I made the beat with one of my favorite Brooklyn producers Hitsbyjude. We had worked together on a few projects before deciding to live under one roof at the start of 2021. We worked together for 6 months on creating as much music as possible so stay tuned for future projects

Platinum Radio Online: How would you describe the concept behind the single?

Don Modus: When we were making the beat the hook just came to me in the moment. I wanted to remind people about my clothing brand and the fact that I screen print all the items. That's why I included the line “making clothes, I'm in the shop and mixing up the ink”. Putting in the work is really important to me and something I want to communicate.

Platinum Radio Online: Are there any stations or DJs that have gotten behind the record? If so, who?

Don Modus: It’s gotten a lot of love from Spotify playlists which has been cool. It hasn’t really been pushed on the radio as far as I know. I’ve gotta get it in front of more DJs for sure.

Platinum Radio Online: How does the rest of this year look for you?

Don Modus: I’ve dropped 3 big budget music videos this year and have a big clothing collection coming out soon. I’m working with my team on deciding the next music project to push.

Platinum Radio Online: What plans do you have for the new year?

Don Modus: My birthday is New Year’s Eve so I’ll have a nice table with my boys in the city. That night will be a movie for sure. The clothing collection will be out around the holiday season so I’m gonna be pushing that heavy.

Platinum Radio Online: Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention ?

Don Modus: Check out my other recent releases “Bout It” and “Clap For Me” on streaming services and YouTube. Both of them have fire music videos shot in Atlanta and Miami. Keep an eye out for the clothing drop coming this holiday season! Thanks for everything

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