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[ARTIST INTERVIEW]: Slow Chemical | IG: @neversilverspoonfed

Slow Chemical is a true "triple threat" to the industry! Slow Chemical is a critically acclaimed rapper best known for his Serving All Masters EP series, and when he isn't spitting bars of wisdom he is writing bars of dialogue as a hot rising indie comic book creator under his actual name Ryan White, and to top it all off he is a budding filmmaker with a few amazing projects under his belt. Although Slow Chemical has many great things going on, today we will focus primarily on his achievements as a growing hip hop recording artist as we delve into his mind and discuss his upcoming projects, his current single "Streets of Rage" and more! Find out more about this artist in this exclusive one on one interview here on Platinum Radio Online.

Platinum Radio Online: How are you Slow Chemical? Are you ready for this interview?

Slow Chemical: I am fine and yes I am.

Platinum Radio Online: What plans do you have for 2022 as a recording artist?

Slow Chemical: Finish the trilogy of Serving All Masters EP. I want to send that out with a bang and maybe drop an album we will see.

Platinum Radio Online: You currently have the single and music video out now titled "Streets of Rage", could you tell the readers about the single? How would you describe it for those that haven't heard the single or saw the video yet?

Slow Chemical: It is a video game come to life. The song came about by accident. I was going for a different vibe I don't remember at the time of this interview but the beat came out completely different and I did not like it so I just went to the studio and freestyled over the beat and it came out like what you hear on the song and I just stuck with it I didn't know it would be the most or one of the most popular records on the album.

Platinum Radio Online: Who did you work with for the single?

Slow Chemical: Gemstarpro from Maryland.

Platinum Radio Online: Were you a big fan of the Streets of Rage video game series for the Sega Genesis in the early 90s?

Slow Chemical: Yeah I liked it. The soundtrack and story was fun.

Platinum Radio Online: In the future would you ever consider sampling some of the sounds or background music from the actual video game "Streets of Rage"?

Slow Chemical: Hell nah that would be too expensive I'm good. Hahaha

Platinum Radio Online: Are there any DJs or radio stations that have gotten behind the record? If so, who do you know so far?

Slow Chemical: None that I know of so far.

Platinum Radio Online: We are loving your EP series "Serving All Masters", what do you have planned for the next installment in the series?

Slow Chemical: Different features for sure I want to take the voice of volumes 1 and 2 because they are very different and mix it with the flavor of its own as we end this series

Platinum Radio Online: Who do you plan on working with for the project?

Slow Chemical: Yeah that's top secret maybe the government can know but we're not announcing that yet.

Platinum Radio Online: What are some of the issues or topics you plan to cover in the upcoming series?

Slow Chemical: Everything..... we are Serving All Masters my friend.

Platinum Radio Online: As a comic book writer and publisher, what do you have in store for your readers for upcoming months and 2022?

Slow Chemical: Meme Generation which fool's three kids as they try to bring down a corrupt principle of their school and a one shot comic called "Hardon" more details on that much later.

Platinum Radio Online: You are also prevalent in the indie film world. What plans do you have for upcoming film projects in the near future? What can we expect?

Slow Chemical: To be honest I have things in the works but they are not my projects so I cannot announce them sorry friend

Platinum Radio Online: Is there anything that you would like to plug or mention that we haven't mentioned so far?

Slow Chemical: Check my ig out @neversilverspoonfed and Masina issue 5 is the final issue of this story archive out Black Friday


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