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[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] Get familiar with FLIP (More Than Just a Battle Rapper) | IG @TyLocFlip

Get familiar with the Northern Hip Hop Recording artist / battle rapper FLIP. For anyone that was exposed to Flip's rise to prominence over the course of the past few years and during the COVID19 pandemic know that Flip got his feet wet in the music scene as a battle emcee, tearing off heads verbally in various leagues and divisions throughout the east coast. Now, Flip has more to offer than just attacking opposing emcees with bars of fury, these days Flip has shifted his focus to songwriting and blessing entire tracks with his lyrical skills.

Listen to Flip's latest songs and freestyles by visiting his official YouTube page. Like, follow, subscribe and most importantly listen!

Official Bio for the Artist FLIP

When it comes to the art and verbal blood sport known as "Battle Rapping", Flip is one of the undisputed champions of the profession. Based out of Pennsylvania, the 20 something emcee made a name for himself in the battle circuit on the east coast, which led to him quickly becoming the face of the prestigious Barz Battle League. From there, the rising rhyme sayer expanded to dominating other circuits and entire leagues, demolishing each of his opponents while rising in the ranks. In 2020 he was voted "MC of The Year" and voted "Most Improved MC" by 2021.

Later, Flip accomplished something most seasoned battle rappers were unable to do, especially at his age and that's make a smooth transition from battle rapper to well-rounded recording artist and performer. Currently, Flip is working on a new mixtape, his single "Nothing Gone Stop Me" is gaining lots of new ground, exposing him to a wider audience and is making moves to becoming a strong brand and eventually a well known household name. Working with entertainment industry vet / Podcaster Jordan "J-0" Hunter and esteemed PR (Public Relations Specialist) Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR, Flip is destined to become one of the most legendary figures in Hip Hop in due time.

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