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ATL Rapper Legend Young Jeezy reveals he was hospitalized smoking laced marijuana.

Jay Wayne Jenkins known by his stage name Young Jeezy, is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, entrepreneur, & author.

Jeezy along with Georgia-based rappers such as Tip Harris, and Gucci Mane, is credited for helping to make trap music so prominent for the mainstream audience.

While visiting the Dope as Usual podcast, Jeezy revealed that he stopped smoking

marijuana for a decade after a bad experience. The rapper also disclosed that he was hospitalized.

Jeezy believed a woman purposely sprinkled “crumbs” of crack cocaine into his weed. “What we would do when we cut up the rocks is we would put them in a bag and we’d call it shake, and it’d be like the crumbs,” he explained.

Jeezy continued, “So I gave her the crumbs, we all were hanging out that night and I was screaming I need some weed”. The lady said your cousin got weed, Jeezy proceeded to call her asking for weed.

Jeezy added, “I get the weed from her, we were driving while smoking and listening to Tupac. My friend doesn’t smoke, but we smoke, and I’m listening and the music sounds like it’s chasing me. I’m paranoid and I think I’m going to die”.

The night ended with Jeezy's friends taking him to the hospital. He added, “I was afraid because a lot of my friends, started off hustling and a few of them started smoking crack.

Jeezy admitted that he still hasn’t got the truth out of her and stopped smoking over a decade after the negative marijuana encounter.


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