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Platinum Radio Online is proud to spotlight Marie's Home, LLC and its owner Shantel Archbold.

Marie's Home, LLC is a business founded by North Carolina-based businesswoman Shantel Archbold that offers all-natural skin care, beauty and hygiene products made with organic ingredients. Marie's Home is the perfect destination for health and wellness enthusiasts looking to reduce their chemical exposure and take control of their beauty routine.

Shantel has been creating Marie's Home, LLC products over the past few years and has seen tremendous success in the health and beauty industry. Her dedication to providing clean, natural ingredients has influenced numerous customers who are now passionate advocates of Marie's Home. Marie’s Home also promotes healthy living by offering essential oils, organic plant-based oils and more.

With Marie's Home, Shantel has revolutionized the natural health and beauty industry by using ingredients that are not only safe for consumers, but also promote healthy skin. Marie's Home is a shining example of how small businesses can make a big impact on their local community. With the help of Marie’s Home, customers can be sure to feel confident in their skin and be proud of their commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

The owner, Shantel has set an example for what it means to be a successful businesswoman in the industry. Marie's Home continues to stand as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs and business owners.

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