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[Indie Spotlight] Cadre Dolo "Zon3" | IG:officialcadredolo

Dechaunce Mayes also known as his alter ego Cadre Dolo (born Feb 14th, 1990) is an American hip hop artist. Born in Columbia TN some would say that a legend was born. Inspired by music as a young kid, Mayes knew that he was the next big star that you would hear on the radio and the TV. From an early age, Dechaunce experienced a tough life. Gangs, drugs, and poverty. With his father and brother in and out of prison and seeing his mother struggle to stay afloat, moving houses constantly, it was hard for Mayes to settle easily. Influenced heavily by his life experiences, he vowed that he wouldn’t fall victim to the

same fate. The gift of music was the exact thing his brother saw in Mayes. Rapping seems to be the only way to cope with the struggles of his reality and a way to express his emotions. Maye's dad was sentenced to 25 in the penitentiary and his brother D-Loc was not far behind. This was the eye-opener that Mayes needed. The thought of spending his days on the block hustling drugs and other things that could land him in the same position as his family fueled his drive to make it out. Maye's brother, D-Loc, saw the passion and determination to win in his eyes, and Cadre was born. Mayes released a few solo mixtapes, one being “Military Minded” which showcased his true talent and determination. After the release of his Military-Minded mixtapes, Cadre continued to work on his craft. Maye's passion burns and proves to be prosperous. With nothing to lose, Cadre risks it all to show he’s the next southern artist to make out of the trenches.

With the release of his previous work such as the “Military Minded” mixtape series Cadre released a few singles such as “Wartime”, “Ahead of the Game”, and “B2R”. These set the young artist in motion to get the message out to the world. His struggles and hardships play a key role in his message. In Feb 2024 Cadre Dolo presented the world with a new piece of work titled “Zone”. The message showcases that he’s not to be taken lightly. He brings that southern grit, bar-for-bar wordplay, and high-energy presentation. Southern hip-hop is

always high-energy, hard-hitting instrumentals, and heavy bars when it comes to vocabulary. Time will tell how this record does, but there’s no doubt that this will be a hot record in the artist’s catalog. One thing is for sure, he’s not going anywhere and the passion burns bright.

Check out "Zon3" below:

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