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Platinum Spotlight: Causin Effect "All Right" | @CausinEffect

Hailing from Southern Vermont hip-hop has came in a different direction. Outside of all the guns, drugs, violence, and degrading of women Causin Effect brings a new vibe that makes you want to get up and party until the sun comes out! This country duo is a community focused country rap group. Young to old this group is here to keep the crowd entertained with their humor and prosperous words. Causin Effect shows that you can have fun and make meaningful music. Their single "Redneck" has surpassed 60,000+ streams across multiple platforms and spent 10 weeks on the top 8 at 8 countdown on Z97.1(WZRT-FM Rutland VT). This group is social medias new favorite artists of the decade.

The groups latest single brings witty lyrics and an up tempo instrumental. All right is entertaining and memorable and sure to get the crowd jumping. This brings a new light to hip hop and shows that you can have fun doing what you love. This is the party anthem of this generation. A more positive look on the hip-hop scene brings more of a vast crowd and the speculations are way different. What's these redneck boys have that make them different then the average rapper? Versatility and a strong message that sticks. The song in itself will get you out your seat from the first 808 drop to the last snare clap. The party is lit with the new faces of the industry. At the end of the day no matter what your going through "Crank The Beat Up Everything Will Be All Right".

Listen to "All Right" below




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