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Featured Video Richard Pigkaso A Different Hand feat Herstory

Richard Pigkaso known for his shock value brings us another visual that has us more in contemplation than in shock. Since the release Theres Always Strings Attached in 2018 we have seen a different side of the Bronx MC. The song A Different Hand was released the summer of 2019 setting the tone and telling us a story of a young Bronx kid learning a lesson through life experiences becoming more accepting of different people and their orientations.

Photo by State of Monk Photography - July 28th 2020 The Giveback Show

The video taking place in a photography studio we set the scene for a LGBTQI+ photoshoot in which Pigkaso was late and he shows the former ignorance he carried for those that fell into the LGBTQI+ umbrella. His journey throughout the video teaches us the meaning of acceptance something many of us unfortunately do not possess. The shock value of the video comes as Pigkaso emerges into the studio dressed in drag as a symbol of that acceptance for the LGBTQI+ Community.

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