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Finally, HONEST Film Reviews w/o Influences from Sponsors & Corporations | IG @reviews_ifimbeingho

Social media has made it much easier for people to "lie". We are living in an era where it's easy to hide behind fake or filters photos, only avail the "good aspects" or highlights of one's life rather it be real or imagined, cheat on your significant other using various apps and tools to help cover your tracks, spread fake news and information, lurk while concealing your true identity and just flat out "troll" entire groups of people by making statements that the original poster doesn't even agree with themselves. While although it's not the technology's fault or to blame for this wide spread of insincerities and deception among people, for centuries there has always been certain types of individuals that lacked integrity, walked with dishonesty and deceived people, the internet is just an innocent tool for those people to conduct their "dirty work".

While people surf the web looking for some form of "truth", it's hard to shift through the ocean of fakeness to find pure honesty, no matter what you are looking for. Luckily, there is at least one place that resides on the web that maintains honesty, integrity and truth.... and that's the platform known as "If I'm Being Honest" (IIBH). If I'm being honest gives honest, concise, straight to the point reviews on media ranging from movies / film, television, video games, and more. The platform thoroughly breaks down the good, bad and ugly without layering the recap with filler and fancy words for the sake of sounding "intelligent" for the look and presentation of it. Another reason the If I'm Being Honest website and platform gives strictly honest reviews is because it's not influenced by sponsors, advertisers and corporations looking to use the outlet as a way to further influence consumers to purchase products or watch / experience mediocre material and films in order to make a return on their investment. In other words, there are no big corporate fat cat or studio exec telling the critics to rate the movie on a scale from "Good to Even Better" (good being the lowest of course) in order to influence followers to purchase tickets and boost sales, instead the viewers get pure untampered "honesty".

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If I'm Being Honest is a multimedia platform where pop culture is enjoyed and explored. We know that real life gets in the way of everyone's binging time so it is our mission to make planning your next binge event easy and your watching experience very enjoyable by doing the screening for you. IIBH's YouTube channel is also a podcast that is streaming now on all major platforms.


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