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Flex Winter - "If You Wanna Flex" | @flexwinter

MLM management is at it again. The newest signee of the label Flex Winter released his first project since 2020. The Tampa native gave us a new project showing how he can master commercial sounds. In 2020, he showed us his lyrical side when putting Zoned out with fellow label mate Migs718. Flex shows us in his latest project that he can dominate any musical genre. While not falling into the boom-bap traditional hip-hop lane, he knows how to hold his own in a crowd full of people. What is most interesting not only about the artist but also about this project is he can keep the essence of hip hop in the project through his double time flow and witty bars but also his storytelling lyricism.

Ballin - The track featuring Wop Heffner caught our attention just off the beat alone. The flutes in the instrumental reminded me of a mix of the music from the Zelda video games with a modern Hip-Hop twist. I wanted to look more into the production process to pinpoint where we heard the sample from.

I'm him - Flex goes in on this track, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Flex Winter he shows the world how dominant he is and how he will never stand down from a challenge.

Jumpin': Jumpin' has to be the most lyrical song on the entire project. Flex calls everyone to action to fuck with the real one. That many are imitations that he and his crew will have everyone jumping and that he demands his respect.

The cover art giving us retro vibes when breaking down the project. Remember when we used to take photos with a disposable camera, and it gave us the old-school feel of an image? That is the same feeling Flex gives us in the cover art. As a photographer, it gives us multiple meanings of what the cover art can mean. It shows us, though, for the most part, how much he represents his hometown of Tampa, Florida.

We at Rawrrzone were enjoying the vibes the project brought; the only downside of it was because of the length of time (15 mins), we wanted to hear more from the 7-track project. But we are also happy he does have more work we can listen to to make up for that. Despite its length, Flex came in, conquered the masses, and showed who was at the top of the Florida music scene. His features gave us different elements of surprise in each track.

There is so much potential in the 25-year-old from Tampa, Florida. We can't wait to see what time unfolds for him.

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