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[Indie Spotlight] Da-Mind "I'm Not" | IG @da_mind843

From Atlanta, Georgia comes the new face of hip-hop. Bringing a new style and agenda to the game. Da-Mind isn't your typical rapper. You wouldn't think from hearing Da-Mind that he resides in Atlanta. The city is known for trap with the likes of Jeezy and T.I and other known names in the game but Da-Mind is different. His words speak wisdom, cadence, and cries for change in hip-hop. He doesn't speak about guns, violence, drugs, or degrading women. He isn't your everyday artist and his newest single "I'm Not" says just that.

In this record, Da-Mind explains that he's not like everyone else, he's unique and brings a better outlook to the hip-hop genre. His style has an early 2000 vibe with the modern-day flow. This poses just the beginning of something great for this artist moving forward.

Check out his newest single "I'm Not" below:

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