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[Indie Spotlight] Dirty30Ent Hopes To Become A Household Name | IG @dirty30_ent @bennyrothstein30

Dirty30 Entertainment was formed in 2018 as a collective of various artists that started a creative movement to provide a forum for artists to showcase their talents.

The collective hopes to leave a lasting digital impact on the music industry. The genre of music for the record label consist of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop.

Artists such as Benny Rothstein, KingNickRob, OhFeezy, and a few others including Yunglegend108, iLovemark have come together and worked. Frandy Duran formally known as OhFeezy was born and raised in Queens, New York.

OhFeezy is a cinematographer and helps Rothstein find more artists for the record-label. He will release his debut song in the upcoming months. OhFeezy has worked on a music video for Brooklyn rapper Jay Critch as a assistant director. Nicholas Robinson formally known as King Nick Rob was born in the Bronx and raised in South Floral Park, Long Island.

His first performance was at the Major Stage located in Brooklyn, New York, and his first song recorded was called “Big Wave”.

Dirty30Ent released their debut group mixtape, "Made In New York Vol. 1”, in 2021, and is available on all music platforms.

This mixtape is KingNickRob's favorite project and also it’s his first project.

Kenny Sensuel professionally known as Benny Rothstein is an emerging artist and the driving force behind the Dirty30Entertainment. Rothstein was born in Coney Island and raised in Queens Village and has been making music since 2018.

Rothstein is preparing for his solo project, "Checkmate V2," which promises to reveal unseen sounds. Rothstein's first performance was for a small gathering of approximately 50 people on a rooftop in Manhattan, New York. He performed "Jealousy," his first studio-recorded song, which remains one of his favorite songs. Rothstein is encouraged by his early success to continue pushing limits and exploring new artistic regions.

While people argue that record labels are old-fashioned, Rothstein feels that the appropriate label can be critical to an artist's success. He acknowledges that a record label functions as a collaborative team that contributes to the creation of a successful product.

Furthermore, by tackling the negative stigma associated with the hip-hop industry and record labels, Dirty30Ent hopes to establish a new pattern in which artists are completely supported and given the tools they need to thrive.

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1 Comment

Ravneet Singh
Ravneet Singh
Jun 20, 2023

Dirty30 is next up!!! you heard it here first, that team is too talented.

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