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[Indie Spotlight] Nune AKA Mr Propane "Hittin God's Line" | @nune_mrpropane

Focusing on lyrical substance and conscious content, Nune (pronounced Noon) aka Mr. Propane, is bridging the old school style with the new era sound. Blending genres like rock, rap, and R&B, his catchy songs are powerful and intriguing. An independent artist out of Louisiana, Nune is crafting deeply poetic songs bursting with highly-relatable content. A natural storyteller, his work is filled with a variety of subject matter and carries a timeless essence. Melodic, rhythmic, and uplifting, he is offering audiences a fresh voice in hip-hop. With unique delivery, Nune aka Mr. Propane is building a following with his attention-grabbing tracks.

Born in Lafayette and raised in Opelousas, LA, Nune earned his nickname from his family after his birth which happened right around 12 p.m. After releasing his hit song, “Mr. Propane,” fans latched onto it and often referred to Nune as Mr. Propane. This second alias symbolizes the inner pressure constantly building within. When exposed to the heat of the moment, Nune is set to explode in lyrical substance. A poetic introvert by nature, he started writing at a young age, jotting down thoughts and searching for meaning within himself. Growing up, his mother attempted to shelter her children from the influences of hip-hop, but regardless, Nune found himself drawn to the scene and culture. Artists like Tupac Shakur, Nas, and K-Rino resonated deeply with Nune.

In 2017, he began taking his music seriously by undertaking work on his first album, Intervention. At the time, trap and drill music was big, leaving Nune acutely aware of developing his own sound. In the past, hip-hop was filled with an assortment of styles, while the current model for many artists is to follow the trends resulting in a similar sound across the mainstream. Highly conscious of this, Nune aspired to make unique songs that left a positive impact on the world. Drawing on concepts like love, faith, and life, his debut album offered audiences a breath of fresh air from the autotune and mumble rap prevalent in the genre. Contributing to the evolution of hip-hop, his work is an invaluable voice of reason amidst the static of mediocrity. Rereleased in 2020, Intervention, stands as an expression of Nune’s inner emotion and an escape to higher consciousness.

His catalog is stacked with impressive projects and singles, attracting a solid following. In his career so far, Nune aka Mr. Propane has worked with numerous collaborators to create tracks that are unparalleled. His song, “Capture Me” featuring UK artist, Alex Dew, is a mashup of genres that utilize powerful vocals to take the song to the next level. A major highlight in his career came early for Nune when he seized an opportunity to work with one of his idols, K-Rino. Highly praised, their song, “Black Man,” produced by Jan Richard Branicki (Dreamlifebeats), won Best Rap Single at the W.A.M. Awards. His sophomore album, Soul Hop, is in development and set for release soon. Taking the industry by storm, Nune has caught the ears of publishing agencies, reached the top of FM channels, and landed his first few TV syncs. With more licensing deals to come, his music is being aired in film and sports television. Nune’s current focus is on securing a major distribution deal as he works with an astounding team of industry professionals.

With the intention to build upon himself, Nune aka Mr. Propane promises plenty more to come. He is motivated to leave his mark on the world by sharing uplifting stories and optimistic content. There is a strong sense of spiritual warfare within our culture and most music today does not spread the hopeful energy necessary to bring the people together. Combating this, Nune is determined to build and create wealth for his community. He is bringing positivity through art and spreading a message to stop the hate and violence. With poetic lyricism and optimistic drive, Nune aka Mr. Propane is cultivating a space of growth for us all.

Hittin God's Line Available on all digital Platforms check it out below


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