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[Indie Spotlight] Polkahontas "Shake" | @polkahontas1

Polkahontas is an Atlanta-based, Miami-bred artist on a mission to spread good vibes and

create timeless, feel-good music that inspires people to live life to the fullest. For Polkahontas, “life is meant to be lived, even if you struggle to find happiness. Appreciate each moment and enjoy the journey”.

With her roots firmly planted in Hip-Hop, Polkahontas leans into her real-life experiences, where she derives a lot of the emotion she packs into her tracks. In particular, she often draws from the experiences of those who know about her past and who have judged her for it; and those who never thought she would amount to anything.

While that may sound dark, there is a reason for it. Polkahontas’ upbringing in Carol City, Miami, Florida, brought up by a single mother and two younger siblings was less than ideal.

Her mother, who had Polkahontas at just 16, was in a foster home after her grandmother was killed by her grandfather in a horrific domestic abuse situation. As a result, Polkahontas grew up with her mother in a foster home with her foster grandmother who protected her from any additional physical abuse from her mother’s second husband.

Polkahontas, fortunately, found solace dabbling in music, and it kept her relatively occupied as a young adolescent in school. Fast forward to today and she has now been taking the craft seriously for a year. After working in the film industry, she developed a few business associates who encouraged her to keep at it, stating that “she had something special that the world would love.”

While some artists have a synaesthesic relationship with music, Polkahontas has a unique ability to envision how successful a track may or may not be. According to her, she can tap into her imagination to see and hear people singing each and every word. Polkahontas currently works with a beatmaker named Chink, an award-winning, Grammy-winning

producer for some of the biggest names in the business including Ashanti, Ja Rule, Keisha Cole, and Toni Braxton.

Polkahontas latest EP ‘Living My Dreams’ was a four-track release that showcased the best she has to offer as an artist currently. She is currently setting the wheels in motion for her next release. Titled ‘RIDE’, the track is scheduled to make its premiere on 22nd July 2022, and is guaranteed to get the girls twerking, and the guys yelling.

Check out here newest single "Shake" below

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