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[ALBUM] Jada Ali "Long Time No Speak" | @IAmJadaAli

Jada Ali brings lots to the table with her newest project. Long Time No Speak brings passion, dedication, hunger, and overall cadence. Jada Ali represents a generation of people who feel the need to be something great and won't stop until it is achieved. Jada's work ethic plays a major role in her mild success thus far.

The singles Miles Apart and Gangsta Luv are the lead singles paving the way for the whole project. Radio stations and Djs alike are taking over the airwaves with these bangers and

show no signs of stopping. The energy from the beginning to end is outstanding and proves that this isn't just a side hustle. The diversity throughout the whole album is exquisite and is something that everyone can vibe to. The production is credited to "Enrgy Beats" and the collaboration is a perfect fit for both Flint natives. The delivery is outstanding and brings the high energy that makes you want to sing along with every word.

On top of the project Ali has released a video to her single "Miles Apart". The visual shows exactly what we hear in the lyrics, her energy and drive make this a must watch visual.

If an album and visual wasn't enough, Jada brings something else for the fans. She also brings the world a short documentary of the making of the album. So step into her world and check it out right here:

2020 is coming together for this hot young artist as she paves way for her future. Her presence is known in the Michigan scene and continues to grow nationwide. Her recent interaction with the Worldwide Fleet Djs, and various industry professionals continues to bring her over the top. So much has already happened since her inception into the industry. Jada's collaboration with the industry vet Jon Connor brought her to the light early in her career, and she continues to grow on her own. So much can happen and all we can do is sit back and watch. Let's see what Miss Ali brings in her future endeavors.

Check out Long Time No Speak right now:

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