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Kanye West Impersonator in Hollywood

A Kanye West impersonator is reportedly going around Hollywood, California pretending to be the Chicago rapper. Fake Kanye West was spotted running around Hollywood trying to get into clubs with an entourage.

DJ R-Tistic, who worked at the Dime nightclub in West Hollywood, shared a photo of a man who has a resemblance to Kanye.

In the photo, the man is wearing dark shades, a black sweatshirt, and leather pants.

He posted on his Twitter, “There’s been a fake Kanye running around Hollywood. He came to an event I did yesterday and brought an entourage who told the doorman he was Kanye. He came up and asked me to play his music”.

Travque, a TikTok user also saw the fake Kanye and repeatedly shouted “Whose man’s is this?”, who was wearing all black, while drinking at an event.

The fake Kanye isn’t the first impostor in Hip Hop.

The most famous imposter, Lil Durk‘s viral lookalike, known as Periko Shmurkioo. Perkio managed to spent a day with Lil Durk on a few occasions

Periko charged venues for public appearances.

The fake Drake known as IzzyyDrake was hit with a cease and desist by Drake in October 2022, forcing the fake Drake to change his name as well as his antics.

“Dear IzzyyDrake, this letter serves as a notice of your unauthorized use of the trademark, “OVO” to promote your brand and likeness. Your conducted actions are unwarranted, unwelcome, and unacceptable”.

The letter continued, “In addition, this shall serve as a pre-suit letter demanding that you provide us written assurance within 7 days that you will cease and desist from making any further factually untrue statements involving OVO Sound and/or Drake, and that you will no longer fabricate media that portrays the trademarks. Thank you for your cooperation.”

As for the real Kanye West, he and his wife Bianca Censori have spent the last few weeks in Tokyo, Japan.



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