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Mobby Rosas feat Westside Boogie - Up to Sum (New Video and Project)

The track "Up to Sum" chronicles a significant collaboration that stands out as one of the artist's favorite stories. WESTSIDE BOOGIE initiated an open verse challenge for his song "Mood" on Instagram, which caught the artist's attention. Having participated in similar challenges in the past with limited success, the artist didn't anticipate much from this particular entry. However, recording a video audition for the song while on duty as a server at a hotel restaurant in downtown LA, the artist posted the entry, tagging WS Boogie. To their surprise, WS Boogie responded via direct message, expressing admiration for the artist's verse and extending an offer to collaborate on future projects. This unexpected message left the artist in shock, as they had long aspired to collaborate with WS Boogie and had previously attempted to make contact without success. Seizing the opportunity, the artist immediately embraced the offer.

Follow him everywhere @mobbyrosas

Check out the project below


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