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[MUSIC] Jada Ali "Nan B*tch" | @IamJadaAli


Jada Ali has been going hard for a while, but with 2022 her heart is in it 1000% and her newest single “Nan B*tch” proves this. Her energy, dedication, and confidence with this record proves that she’s not the one to play any games. 2022 is her year and she’s ready, her past releases “2 goats”, “All I Do”, and “Jhen & H.E.R” along with many others have set her stones in the place to climb to the top. In collaboration with her label “Round Table Association” and “SKE Records” she’s not holding anything back.

Jada has come a long way since her latest project “Long Time No Speak” and her most

popular record and fan favorite “Miles Apart”. Jada is the type of artist that can’t be copied. Her unique composure and overall humbleness speak for itself. She’s the hottest new rising artist out of the Midwest. Investing in her career, in the amount of $20k or more, she proves what it takes at the end of the day what it takes to make it.

Nothing seems to be stopping Jada, from Videos, music, her heavy street promo, radio and dj spins, etc she’s proven she’s not stopping any time soon. The thing that sets her apart from most independent artists is the fact she knows it costs money to rise to the top. More than just posting on social media or making YouTube videos. Jada is an inspiration to new artists and paves the way. “Nan B*tch” is the voice behind the motivation, saying “Don’t get in my way, because I’m coming, nothing you can do will stop me”.

Jada has been working on a new project that is set to drop in July, no word on what to expect but the anticipation is real and is sure to be a great one. “Nan B*tch” is out now on all steaming platforms. The summer of 2022 is about to be heated up with Jada Ali and we can surely sit back and appreciate the music.

Check out "Nan B*tch" now

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