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[MUSIC VIDEO] - "MAKE AMERICA BETTER" DaSkribe Jehuty | @DaSkribeJehuty

Platinum Radio Online is proud to present the latest music video by veteran indie hip hop recording artist / rapper / artistic political commentator DaSkribe Jehuty titled “Make America Better”. "Make America Better" is a power song, and this 2020 new age national anthem is packed with powerful, compelling messages concerning the current climate of The United States of America.  This song was also created as an answer / response to current president Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (M.A.G.A.) campaign slogan.  The music and the video itself is a true call to action for Americans to not only get out and vote but to be more proactive in their lives if they want to witness a genuine change in the country.  There is no one paragraph that can truly sum up and encompass all the powerful lyrics and hidden themes contained in the song so listen to it and watch the video for yourself by clicking the embedded YouTube link above.  Post your comments and feedback below!


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DaSkribe Jehuty's single and video "Make America Better" has recently been featured on many other prestigious high trafficking blogs and websites as well such as The Media Blast, Blacktopia, The Brand New Hip Hop Blog, Bless The Mic Magazine, and more! The buzz and the word on MAKE AMERICA BETTER is spreading across the nation! Help "Make America Better" by spreading the word and music video. Let's make a change! Spread the message!

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