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[MUSIC VIDEO] Marvia Lawrence "UPS" | @venomrecords618

Ready Album Available Now

2020 has thrown us some curve balls and has presented challenges, but Venom Records recording artist does not let that keep him down. Coming out of the shadows and throwing

fire into the crowd he presents his newest single “UPS”. UPS is one of the lead singles from his latest project “Ready” which is now available on all digital platforms. Since his follow up from his single “Game of Thrones” which was released late 2019, he is really showing that he is next and nothing even Covid-19 will stop his grind.

Believing in yourself and doing what you do and not letting anything get in your way is the foundation for “UPS”. With a stunning presence and high energy, the blood flows deep in the veins of this hot young artist. He has proven that he is hungry for success. Being average is not the thought Marvia has in mind. He wants to present himself as the top dog and will not stop at nothing to achieve this.

The visual to “UPS” captures the energy and feel that you hear in the audio. His Candace matches his emotion and brings to light to what he honestly believes is his passion. He makes the audience feel his every word with every step or motion. His aggressive approach

brings out the artist Marvia is, and the audience can see it. With an aim to be great the visual truly captures the feel of the hunger, the pain, the passion.

Nothing can stop Marvia his brand has come from the dirt and he shows that he truly belongs. The artistry, the presence, the energy, the Candace it is all there. Artists coming from the struggle have the hunger that causes the passion, it is not about the money its about building a legacy and Lawrence shows he’s stopping at nothing to do this. Check out “UPS” music video below:

Ready Available Now

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