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(New Album] Infamous Ty "The Warmup Pt III" @infamous_ty

The summer has treated Brooklyn Emcee Infamous Ty very well. The Warm up Part III continued the success of its predecessor by increasing the bar track by track dropped in April the eight track project including singles such as No Days Off , Shake Something , and Picasso Mode Freestyle. From the production to its lyricism the project was a bop especially when you are set to leave for a night out.

Let's get into. these favorite's right now. No Days Off was deff a great way to start the project off not only did the beat bring heat to the track but the connection between Reloaded Rose and Infamous Ty is electrifying. The label mates from GGMG did not hold punches they went bar for bar giving us motivation to continue getting our hustle on. If you are feeling down and unmotivated check out this track and keep the vibe going.

Shake Something currently on rotation on El-Gin Sound Radio is that strip club record. On first listen it gave me Jacque vibes when he dropped Shake Sum this is that automatic move your booty on that pole type of track. If your looking for a clean song this is not what your looking for. Ty continues to craft his pen and continues to get raw and out there in this track.

Pikasso Mode Freestyle brings us the lyrical side of Ty, Known for his turn up tracks he is underestimated by many he took out his lyrical tool and out everyone in their place . The track being the final piece of the project we think it was the perfect way to end it with his tone approach and passion in his voice.

Without giving the entire project away we will say he has more memorable features. such as Lanii Lyrik, Jayo The Beat Slayer, Fedarro and more. Not only are they are memorable but they compliment the young emcee so eloquently. They keep him on his toes and always moving and going hard in this project. We see a lot of growth in this project from its other two predecessors. You hear a variety of different flows and cadences and see different styles of hip-hop coming together and its bringing more of a commercial feel to the Emcee from Brooklyn.

Stream it here

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