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Legendary Memphis Tennessee underground rap music artist and indie music scene powerhouse Big Pap tha Mic Killa (Patrick Hayes) has released his latest full length project titled after his alias "Tha Mic Killa"! The new project Tha Mic Killa is available to stream on all platforms and here on Platinum Radio Online we have it available for streaming here on the YouTube Playlist above. ALBUM TRACK LIST 1. Everything Working (Street Version) 2. In and Out 3. Banana (Street Version) 4. Do The Dishes (Street Version) 5. Straight 2 Da Bagg (Street Version) 6. Right Now (featuring Pressha P.) 7. Press Play (featuring Rob North) 8. Bounce It X Big Pap Thha Mickilla 9. Fatboy (Street Version) The album is also available on various other streaming platforms as well such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

Big Pap is one of the driving forces behind the modern era underground rap music scene in South Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up with 3 siblings (all boys) in the heart of South Memphis has taught him a lot. Big Pap also known as Tha MicKilla has been recording and releasing music professionally since 1999. Although Big Pap has a signature music style all of his own, he was heavily influenced by legendary artists such as Scarface, Biggie, The Dayton Family, 36 Mafia, Jeezy, Gucci and many more! Although Big Pap has been releasing music for years, his first independent mixtape titled Swagg Muzik was released in 2012 which gained the rising artist a lot of recognition by fans, critics, and tastemakers around the area. Pap currently has 5 studio albums under his belt and has worked with many other greats in the Southeast music industry such as Zed Zilla, Blac, Youngsta, Drumma Boy, Big Scar, and a long list of others. Big Pap has spent a lot of time in and out of jail, but now the gifted recording artist has put the street life behind him, focusing on his business and family life being that he is married and the father of 6 children. Big Pap has his own label Blu Money Muzik and has a partnership with Sony Orchard / Diamond Production. CONTACT INFORMATION Pap Hayes Facebook 901-283-4832


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