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Midwest Artist Deryk Evons delivers his latest single "Troubles"

Born in La Grange, IL, Deryk Evons is an artist with a unique perspective on his sound and vision. From punchy trap-inspired beats to melodic samples and incredibly catchy hooks, he repeatedly brings the essence of what’s new in music. At the age of 10, he took an interest in music.

During his childhood, he grew up with hand-me-down IPods and would listen to music bands like "My Chemical Romance" and "Fall Out Boy."

At the age of 15, Deryk Evons didn’t get into rap music until he heard varieties of the genre that included artists like Eminem and 50 Cent. At that time, Eminem was the biggest influence in rap when he begins to rap music. Eminem's wordplay and delivery inspires the young rapper and helps him hone his artistry. Currently, Deryk listens to artists like Saint Jhn and Clever who have taught him how to be more melodic and honest within his music. When Saint Jhn dropped his project titled "Ghetto Lenny's Love Songs", Deryk Evons' entire outlook on music changed.

During Deryk's career, he has been featured on sites like Hot New Hip Hop and Clonefluence. Additionally, he appeared on the "My Opinion Doesn’t Matter" Podcast.

His music library contains his songs "Troubles" and "Calm and Collected."

"I plan to take over the music industry. I want to be able to change people's lives with my music."~ Deryk Evons

Deryk Evons feels if he can inspire someone to push forward and/or make it through a rough time with his music, he accomplished exactly what music did for him. His goals include making it to the top and staying there for as long as he possibly can. Be sure to connect with Deryk Evons on social media and digital music platforms like Spotify.




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