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Junior Walker, known as J.Walker of TLD, is a UK-based Christian rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is a solo artist and the foremost member of "The Lion’s Den"- the record label. At the age of 5, he had a troubled beginning in life leading to being in police custody. Growing up without a father around and in a household where drugs were being sold, he became a selective mute and increasingly withdrawn.

J.Walker of TLD's experiences of struggle would go on to shape his musical influences as he clung to artists like 2Pac and Bob Marley for a sense of understanding of the world and how to navigate it. This was further nurtured after he met his father, a Reggae artist, DJ, and producer known as JUNIA Walker at the age of 9. He was able to get a unique insight into the music business and exposure to a large array of music. Being around artists such as Frankie Paul, Damian, and Stephen Marley made reaching the pinnacle of music success feel a lot more attainable.

J.Walker started rapping in college and released multiple singles and an album while still in college. The album was well received and released under the Jusic International record label. After winning numerous talent shows, a university music tour would then follow. The rapper performed on sets with Ed Sheeran but was taking his Christian faith increasingly seriously.

J.Walker of TLD This led to the artist changing the message of his music as it became increasingly informed by his faith. In 2011, he signed with the Gospel music label, Rock Steady Movement. This is where he was able to grow and develop as a Christian artist. Soon after, he would start his label, "The Lion’s Den." The label allowed him to develop as a producer, working with multiple artists, and shaping different sounds around the Christian message.

His work got the attention of Christian rap blog Rapzilla and he would later also feature on the "A STEP FWD" Christian Chart.

He released a series of singles and videos while working alongside artists in the Christian music scene such as MC Tempo. The connection led to an appearance on the BBC1 show "Sunday Morning Live." It proved to be a great moment for J.Walker and the Christian Hip-Hop scene as a whole.

Click and listen to the new single "The Light." Be sure to follow J. Walker on all digital and social media platforms.





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