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[NEW MUSIC] K.T.A.+ - "DROWN IT OUT" REMIX|@ktaenergy

East Coast Artist K.T.A.+ releases his latest single "Drown It Out" Remix from the EP, "Intro to WestCoasting with Q and the Team"

K.T.A.+ is a New Jersey artist who combines Hip-Hop/Soul and Afro vibes to create enjoyable energy. The elements of faith, community, and fun tie everything together. K.T.A.+ decides to take music seriously and provide the kind of message-people from the ages of 9-99 can listen to.

The single "Drown It Out" Remix is an empowering song for anyone struggling with their mental health. It provides a way to internalize your feelings but gives you a chance to dance as well.

K.T.A.+ delivers music that you can listen to anywhere- from the stoop to the church. His music is about a collective- a community-better yet a Kommunity. Be sure to connect with K.T.A. on his website, all social media, and music platforms and come along for the ride.





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