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Florida Artist, Kang Neileo releases his Springtime Anthem "Jazzy"

Born and raised in Pinellas County Florida, Cornelius Williams a.k.a King Neileo has been writing and recording music since the age of 16. The Clearwater native born on August 20th, 1987 is the 2nd born to Terri Fox and Charles Williams. Although his parents were divorced at the age of 5, his stepfather Derrick Floyd helped raised him and his siblings. At the age of 10, Kang grew up in the housing neighborhoods of Clearwater until his family moved to Tarpon Springs Fl.

As a troubled youth, Kang Neileo was kicked out of the house at the age of 15 where he had to sell drugs or rob to find a place to sleep that night. During all of this, that's where he discovered the talent of writing music and expressing himself through that. Shortly after, he was in a rap duo called "UBC" which stands for "Unborn Child." His rap partner who names go by Zoe almost signed a development deal with Slip n Slide Records but due to Zoe's incarceration, the deal was never done.

After the death of Neileos's stepfather in 2007, he took a backseat to music to focus on life until recent years. Trying to take care of his mother and younger sister while his older brother was incarcerated for the next 4 years. He went back to the streets to make ends meet when one day he realized that his mind was bigger than his situation so he begins to live like a productive member of society. He recently started to take his music seriously as he realizes that his music needs to be heard by the world and can make bank off of it too. His biggest musical influences are 2pac, Michael Jackson, Camoflauge, Trick Daddy, and Lil Wayne. His style is cut from a different cloth where he had to reinvent himself to a more harmonic and melodic recording artist. There is more to come with Kang Neileo as he is currently signed under Blanch Boi Entertainment and United Music Mafia. Be on the lookout as he takes the industry by storm in a lowkey fashion.





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