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Hip-Hop Artist, Luvvvnomore prepares for a Major Comeback with the lead single "Love Prospers" from his forthcoming album "Love Prospers"

It has been said-"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Arkansas Hip-Hop artist, Luvvvnomore knows when difficult situations become difficult, the strong must work harder to meet the challenges. The talented 28-year-old software engineer is originally from New Jersey. The debut single "Love Prospers" is an introduction to his forthcoming album that he created in 2017. During this time, Luvvvmore experienced some life hiccups and needed to bounce back sooner than later. Fortunately, five years ago, Luvvvnomore has less than a year after college and finds a great job that allows him to travel the country and working on clinical trials. Nonetheless, as a kid, the naive LNM always wanted to make music and simply enjoy life. His passion for music causes him to lose his day job.

Luvvvnomore chose to live a lackadaisical lifestyle which included partying while living in his parents' home. For several months, his parents had no idea that he had lost his job. Not only did he lose his job, but he also lost himself in the process. While delving his life's purpose, he relied on substance after substance to escape the fact that he made a few wrong decisions. Those decisions resulted in getting kicked out of his parents' home. They tried to help him find a job and graciously gave him time to get his act together, even after his Dad discovered the pungent cannabis smell throughout the house. Needless to say, the homeless Luvvvnomore bounced from couch to couch while adding the finishing touches to the forthcoming album "Love Prospers" Eventually, with the support of close friends and family, he was able to establish a suitable living situation with some roommates.

Gratefully, the hip-hop artist is doing much better in life and desires to take his career to the next level. He is eager to share his album is slated to be released for next year in April. Until then, press play to enjoy the debut single "Love Will Prosper!"



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