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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Florida Rapper Nulli Null pays Homage to his friend Luis Tovar in his latest contribution "Eddie Guerrero"

Nulli Null started his musical journey in Saint Petersburg, Florida - one of the most violent cities in Florida-while visiting his family in the summer. As a teenager, he started using music as an escape from the harsh realities and eventually found a way of raw expression in songwriting and rapping. Music helped Nulli cope with stress during the difficult times in his life and now he wants to use it as a medium to help others going through mental health issues.

Nulli Null's “Eddie Guerrero” is influenced by the death of one of his closest friends Luis Tovar. The loyalty of his vatos always respected how they move and value our friendships so to speak. Nulli dedicates the track to him, in the hook, he raps “R.I.P Luey, we were more than migos that’s bro like Chavo!” As in Chavo Guerrero, the brother to the late Eddie Guerrero Sr. "We were more than friends-we used to joke and call him the Latino version of me," says Nulli. The Florida native wanted to pay homage to Luey and Eddie Guerrero while showing his Latino friends that he appreciated their loyalty and respects how they value their genuine friendship.

"Me and Luey had big plans with this music before he passed away" ~ Nulli Null

Nulli Null's debut album “Youngin Blues of Betrayal” talks about the opposite of loyalty. On Eddie Guerrero, He displays his "Splangish" flow while comparing his life to Luey's. He pinpoints the respect that he has for loyal friends and calls out old friends that weren’t as solid. Witty street metaphors can be heard in "Eddie Guerro" referencing the youngins in Saint Pete and how they stay strapped up while road running in them "stolos" (stolen vehicle).

Nulli Null's “Youngin Blues of Betrayal” is inspired by his personal life. It depicts the true story of a young man learning to confront his trauma-induced insecurities about friends and family while focusing on his desire to grow spiritually. The track “Pourin Liq” was inspired and created after his cousin passed away last year,

With back-to-back hit projects, Nulli Null is rapidly paving his way through the Hip-Hop music scene. Despite being a new artist, Nulli isn’t afraid to take a risk and explore musical themes that other artists think twice before choosing. His smooth vocal delivery and unapologetic expression of emotions into the lyrics make a combination that one can hardly ignore. Be sure to connect with Nulli Null on social media and digital music platforms.





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