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Today's Platinum Radio Online new music spotlight and artist feature is on rising Detroit based indie hip hop recording artist ROME LUCIO and his latest single "Hot Tub & A Blunt" remixed by legendary Latin music songwriter / composer electric guitarist Tony Choy! The maxi single is available to stream on Spotify at the direct link below

"Hot Tub & A Blunt" the TONY CHOY REMIX is the single many bloggers and websites are citing as the PARTY ANTHEM OF 2020! With all the disheartening events that has happened in 2020 such as tragic deaths, sad news, and the Caronavirus / COVD19 pandemic, Rome Lucio's "Hot Tub & A Blunt" is certainly a beacon of light and breath of fresh air during this tough, bleak era. The strong, memorable hook sticks with you, Rome Lucio's verses over the beat enhance the electrifying, well composed track provided by the great Tony Choy. Don't just take our word for it though, listen to the single for yourself on Spotify and find out for yourself.

Hip hop recording artist Rome Lucio comes from a long line of gifted Latin music masterminds and performers, being that his father is Grammy award Winner Frankie Biggz and his uncle Miguel Tomas was the 1st Latin artist to have a bilingual record with a Grammy nomination it’s no surprise that music talent runs through his veins. With a music career spanning for almost 2 decades, Rome Lucio has released plenty of critically acclaimed singles and an independently successful album (Under The Moonlight, 2013). After the successful featuring in Algerian superstar Dalia Chih’s “No Reason” (2019) Rome Lucio comes back with his latest release, hit single "Hot Tub and A Blunt", remixed by veteran Latin bassist Tony Choy. This soon to go viral track is already being labeled the 2020 Summer Anthem by specialized media such as The Media Blast, Bless The Mic Magazine, Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine, DS Radio, Major Vs. Indie, Black Vibes and many more, so make sure you take a listen and get your Summer started with “Hot Tub and A Blunt”.

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