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[NEW MUSIC] "She Bad" by Mobb Boss x Manebo feat. RaRa | IG: @MOBB_BOSS1

[NEW MUSIC] "She Bad" by Mobb Boss x Manebo feat. RaRa | IG: @MOBB_BOSS1

Official Spotify Link: New music on Platinum Radio Online Prominent businessman, music industry vet and indie Florida rap scene staple Mobb Boss has returned and is making it hotter in the winter months with his new single "She Bad" featuring additional vocals from collaborators Manebo and RaRa! "She Bad" isn't some run of the mill "strip club" booty joint, but a powerful, magnetic anthem dedicated to the modern working woman out there hustling and doing whatever it takes to eat, live, take care of her kids and secure the bag. This is certainly a song many women can relate to as more and more women are dominating the work force, college campuses and running every part of each field and industry. This song is for a variety of women from the bougie to the ratchet, from the corporate sistas to the OnlyFans and IG models, doing whatever it takes to advance and manifest the lifestyle that they desire. Stream the song at the Spotify Link Above.

Mobb Boss' music is available on all streaming platforms. Get more familiar with the Florida stationed music industry powerhouse by following him on Instagram at @MOBB_BOSS1 Be on the lookout for more new music by Pensacola, Florida game spitta / rap legend / businessman Mobb Boss very soon! Keep checking back here on Platinum Radio Online and his official promo blog / static web page at the direct link below Mobb Boss' new single "She Bad" has been receiving lots of publicity and is currently being featured in Black Vibes (, The Media Blast website ( and has been receiving a lot of attention from DJs, bloggers, taste makers and general music fans across the southeast region of the U.S. The single "She Bad" is traveling like wildfire.


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