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New MUSIC STREAMING PLATFORM creates more opportunities for RISING ARTISTS

Move over iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and other major mainstream music streaming platforms, make some room for a new soon to be streaming giant, E Legendz! E Legendz is a brand new music streaming platform designed for indie artists of all genres, background and regions to place their music for a newer audience to stream, download and listen to their latest tunes. E Legendz is also dedicated to music fans that want to explore and listen to brand new music without annoying pop up ads and membership fees. E Legendz (as of now) is completely FREE for artists to upload their music and free for music lovers to use and enjoy the content.

You can visit the website at the link below

Watch the embedded YouTube video above! Official E Legendz Spokesmodel Tenai Staley of The Tenai Show encourages artists to sign up and upload their music to the site and reach a newer, broader audience!

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