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YP Da Chaser talks about his musical influences and his latest single

Who is YP Da Chaser? In the Hip Hop culture, when you’re born from street royalty, it’s like being from a famous ballplayer or a famous rap artist but it comes with a certain weight that even the aforementioned doesn’t carry. The streets protect their own and if your father is responsible for being one of the progenitors of “trap music”, behind the scenes, with artists like Gucci Mane, 4Tre, 2Win, and even the super-producer, Zaytoven, while also being a bonafide hustler from Savannah to Atlanta, your inheritance to being a young plug is solidified. We sat down with the son of HB the Boss, who gave the young prodigy, the game. And now let’s check out YP Da Chaser, to get the scoop on the advance notice of the Summer takeover.

What’s the significance of your name?

I got the name YP because when I was younger, I was a plug for everything, or I knew who had it. That’s how I became Young Plug. I added Da Chaser to the end because I was chasing a bag.

What city do you hail from?

I was born and raised in Savannah GA but when I got into the music, I moved to Atlanta which I call home now.

How are you going to approach the game as an artist?

I’m going to approach the game with consistency. The more consistent you are, the more people can see your face, and the more they can hear what you can do. Then it’s up to them to like it or not.

Who are some of the artists and producers you’ve worked with for your new music?

I haven’t worked with any familiar artists but I’ve worked with a couple of known producers. Zaytoven is one, you got two upcoming producers that are crushing the game right now Chi Chi and Section8. I’ve worked with a good amount of different producers even down to the ones who don’t even have Instagram.

Who would you say are your greatest influences in music today?

I would say some of my greatest influences in music would be a few rappers. They don’t inspire me to rap but just seeing their story and knowing that it’s possible is what inspired me.

What are you bringing new to the game for the culture?

It’s not really new but I want to bring the feeling back to music. That type of music where you tune the world out and it makes you wanna be great. The inspiration, the goosebumps, and chills. That’s what I want to bring back.

Explain your new single and what’s your current project?

I just dropped a new single called “Let Me Vent” on all streaming platforms and the video is out now on YouTube. I plan to beat the streets up with it until they get tired of it, then come with another one, then another one. Im just playing my hand at this point.

So with the climate of today’s artists using ghostwriters, would you use any, and have you done any, for any artists out there now?

I’m open to working with a ghostwriter, I don’t feel no type way against it. I haven’t used any or written anything for anybody yet but I feel like it’d be a cool experience.

Where can fans and followers find everything about you on social media?

You can find my music on any streaming platform,, Instagram, and Twitter.



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