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(NEW SINGLE) Da-Mind "Dat Other Dude" | @damindakajames

“Dat Other Dude” is the newest single from up and coming artist Da-Mind. With a hard-hitting base line and catchy hook Da-Mind’s southern roots are showing with this record. He’s no newbie when it comes to creating music with his past singles such as “I’m New” and “No Drama” Da-Mind continues to create a strong library of relentless lyrics. Growth is no enemy to this artist as each song brings a new sense of growing not only as an artist but a voice of the new generation.

Da-Mind’s single was released on all digital platforms and ready to hit the airwaves and speakers near you. He serves as a promising young artist who aims to be great and create a strong solid message. “Dat Dude” sums up most relationship issues, stating that if you’re not happy with your current then girl go get Dat Other Dude. The message speaks loudly and relatable to all and Da-Mind is just getting started.

This artist has a long road ahead but is determined to get his message across. With the struggles of any independent artist, Da-Mind doesn’t let that bother him. His eyes are on the prize and winning is his only option. With no sense of stopping he’s mastered what most haven’t already. Be sure to stay in tune with this artist and follow the movement.

Check out his newest visual for “Dat Other Dude” below:

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