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CorporateLike Entertainment (home of the rapidly growing and fan favorite podcast The Fill WIth Phil Podcast) is moving urban culture forward in several different ways.

CorporateLike is a multimedia / entertainment business and platform focused on and centered around music, sports, fashion, video games and urban culture in its entirety. CorporateLike was created by Phillip Roberts (the CEO and Head Director) who is also the host of "The Fill with Phil" Podcast. Mr. Roberts also acts as head of marketing, promo, and the creative director. Phil also serves as editor and head writer for the website's articles and written content.

Check out all the latest news and articles on the official website.

Visit the Official Website at http://www.CorporateLike.com

The CorporateLike team also consists of Gates (producer, podcast co-host, engineer, journalist and marketer), and Manny (co-host, journalist, content creator and marketer). The Fill WIth Phil Podcast provides in-depth commentary on music, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and culture. The show has also featured a plethora of guests around the nation and has interviewed artists from various regions and states from New York, Arizona, New Jersey, California, Texas and Pennsylvania. The Podcast also hosts it's own "Verzus" battles, make heavy contributions to the community and provide a fresh perspective on urban culture to it's listeners.

You can listen to The Fill WIth Phil Podcast on all the major streaming platforms! Visit the official CorporateLike LinkTree https://linktr.ee/CorporateLike1309

Recently, the owner of the prestigious urban media platform, Phillip Roberts has been in talks with Mr. David Bristylez, the creator of the new music streaming platform E Legendz (http://www.ELegendz.net) about possible collaborations, so stay tuned to see what these two brilliant businessmen come up with.

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