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[NEWS] Nick Cannon Drops Diss #3 "The Invitation Canceled" | @NickCannon @Eminem

So over the course of the last week we've heard from digital media, music fans, and more about the major beef between WILDN OUT superstar Nick Cannon and Eminem. The beef started late last month with Eminem mentioning the relationship between him and Mariah

Carey, which to this day still denies, and her ex husband Nick Cannon. Well Cannon didn't take his name being dropped lightly this go around as he did in the past. He fought back with his diss track "The Invitation" where he invites Eminem to battle him on WILDN OUT then a day late he drops another track aimed at Em titled "Pray For Him".

It's been a week since the diss records have been release and everyone is wondering if Eminem is even going to respond. Well Cannon doesn't seem to be done yet as he releases another track aimed at Slim Shady titled "The Invitation Canceled". This record aims hard at Em as Cannon has dug up some treasure that fans may have never heard about the superstar. A much younger Eminem had an unreleased freestyle titled "Foolish Pride" which has came to light and has everyone calling Eminem an racist. The single describes how he doesn't like black girls and only likes which girls. He mentions in the single that all black girls do is take your money.

In Cannon's record he uses "Black Girls Are Bitches Black Girls Are Dumb" taking it from the single in question. This is a huge blog to the battle and it's like a atom bomb that was just dropped. Fans are in "AWE" as they may not know that one of the greatest emcee's of all time would say something like this. We've known about Eminem bashing women in lyrics, but is this pushing the limit? What's to come of this? Will Eminem finally respond to clear his name? There's so many questions but it all boils down to Em's response because now the tension is heated up even more so for the main question "Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up"


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