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[NEWS] Software Engineer CHRISTINA MOODY makes WOMEN'S HISTORY with GOALMENTUM | IG: @GoalmentumApp


In honor of Women's History month, Platinum Radio Online would like to highlight another trailblazing figure and prominent individual that is currently adding to the American History books as one of the leading software engineers in United States.

Software engineer Christina Moody is moving the societal needle forward by constructing a new / easy way for teachers, mentors, professionals, educators and coaches from all fields and subjects to present information as well as lesson plans to their followers and pupils with the new site and app titled Goalmentum.

Goalmentum is the only platform that provides results-driven tools for high-performing coaches who want to create a transformative group coaching program. Goalmentum was born out of an idea to help individuals gain momentum to achieve their goals and discover new possibilities by making it easy to search for an expert and engage in a community.

Visit the official website at



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