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Nike dropping KD's 15th signature kicks celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop has prompted the distinction of sneakers since its emergence making them a significant part of its genre. Kevin Durant is a two-time NBA Champion and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players ever. Durant has partnered with Nike to release his 15th signature basketball sneakers to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop.

The hundred-and-fifty-dollar pair of shoes have been created as a tribute to hip-hop's genre history. Hip-hop as a music genre is famous for its art, culture, and style and has gradually influenced society. The music was fabricated in the 1970s as a cultural exchange among the Caribbean, African american, and Latino youth and has emerged among the substantially utilized music genres.

The sneaker set to be released on June 1st of this year, is a white, black, grey, and leather-incorporated model sneaker. Jared Ebanks discuss the sneakers as an "onslaught of pitch-dark shades, nylons enact their typical placement along the tongue and inner lining while the heel drums up a premium tumbled leather finish" (Ebanks).

Hip-hop has been developed by well-known artists who share their ideas and entertain through this genre, and the need to become celebrated.

Shatakshi Gupta, Fashion writer of the Sportskeeda stated "the symbolism of the hip-hop genre in the sneaker is achieved by assimilating the genre's culture through labeling and branding. Symbols like metallic microphone tags and tongue labeling symbolize voice, articulation, and influence (Gupta).

The second overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, Durant's passion for hip-hop led him to collaborate with Cardo, 9th Wonder, and Boi-1da to create black and off-white sneakers.

Kevin Durant's 15th signature sneakers are an accessory that educates us on personality, culture, and passion. The sneakers allow people to celebrate and reflect on the genre's history.


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