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[Indie Spotlight] OG Flame "Party Wit A G" | IG @flame_da_og

The swift lyricism, catchy bars, and melodic hooks of hip-­‐hop artist, OG

Flame, are grabbing the attention of listeners across the music spectrum. His

smooth rhythm and quick wit set the stage for uplifting content. His diverse style

allows OG Flame to offer fans a variety of songs catering to every sub genre, from

trap to drill, and everything in between. His vibe is heartfelt and honest, breaking

down the tough realities of street life. OG Flame resonates with listeners, delivering

an emotional, relatable, and raw message. With an arsenal of tracks that bump, OG

Flame is dropping his unique version of hip-­‐hop with pumped-­‐up, fiery energy.

Hailing from the small town of Richmond County, Virginia, OG Flame started

writing poetry when he was in middle school. His mother was diagnosed with

breast cancer, and watching her fight for survival filled him with unbearable pain.

OG Flame saw her go to the bottom of her health as she under went chemo. A

traumatizing event for a young teen, he didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone, so

poetry became an outlet of expression and a safe space to get his feelings off his

chest. Writing became a therapy. He saw his mother overcome and beat cancer.Her

survival became fuel to stoke the flames of motivation which burned strong for OG


Although he began rapping and recording his work as a teenager, OG Flame

didn’t take his music seriously until much later. He was involved in legal battles in

his youth, including a case he won against a federal officer when he was only 17

years old. These experiences would lend themselves to themes in his lyrics, and OG

Flame often refers to these events in his songs.The intention of his work is to show

the downside of the street, rather than the glorification of it.His tracks encourage

the youth to stay away from that lifestyle, revealing death or jail t

ime as the only

end to be found on that path. Thorough and transparent, OG Flame holds no secrets.

True to himself, he is a real person who lives to share his stories.

Putting the past behind him, OG Flame is dedicated to his music. For the last

few years,he has been taking his work more seriously. Releasing to major

platforms and dropping an impressive catalog of songs, his hard work is paying off.

He has spent time researching the business side of the industry and is applying

everything he has learned to his career. His music is taking off, gaining more

traction with every release. Backed by a solid team of professionals, he is

capitalizing on this next step and proving himself as one of the hardest-­‐working

professionals in the industry.

Released in 2021 with music videos debuting in 2022, “Stay Gone” and “Like

Mike”became two of OG Flame’s most popular tracks. “Stay Gone” was his first

song about pain dropped to a major platform. Based on experiences after the

passing of his cousin, the heartfelt track gained up to 65k views for its video, while

“Like Mike,” a banger with a bouncy beat,raked up over 77k views on YouTube.

Later that same year, OG Flame appeared at the Industries Most Wanted Showcase

in Atlanta with Tampa Mystic. The event was held as a birthday bash for the

godfather of DJing, Bigga Rankin. This was OG Flame’s biggest performance, earning

him a stamp of approval from a legend in the industry. His presentation of “Like

Mike” earned him a major win at the showcase, and helped him secure more

performance opportunities.

OG Flame has been writing for over14 years now, continuously finding

therapy in the practice. His music is relatable and heartfelt, resonating with those

who’ve also suffered trauma from the streets. A versatile artist, he’s dabbled in

every genre under hip-­‐hop. Through organic expression, OG Flame explores

concepts like love and loss, friendship and grief. Having already experienced

immense success from his own efforts of promotion, it seems the sky is the limit for

OG Flame. He is rising to the top and is soon to be a household name. A father of

four with twoboys and two girls, being a parent changed his life and encourages

him to keep going. He is working hard, entertaining audiences, and bringing the

heat. With rhythm, rhyme, and a powerful message to share, there is plenty more in

store from OG Flame.




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