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ONE THA GOD is putting FLINT, MI on the MAP for something other than the Water Crisis | @One_Tha_God

In recent years it appears that Flint, MI has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From crime, to a seemingly corrupt political system, and most infamously the whole water crisis that continues to be an ongoing issue in the region. From the outside looking in it, Flint gives off the impression of an undesirable place to be, especially during this current COVID19 pandemic.

In spite of all of what appears to be going wrong in the city of Flint, MI there is certainly one thing that shines a positive light on the area and that is it's budding local music and entertainment scene. Although Flint, MI is on the rise in general there is one rising break out star that many hip hop heads and good music fans in general should take note of and that's the artist known as ONE THA GOD!

One Tha God, born DeVon Jones is from the city of Flint, Michigan and is the CEO of the Kitchen Money brand (Kitchen Money, LLC, and Kitchen Money Magazine). Being that the young rising artist was never a part of a group or crew, he adopted the title of "ONE" being that he stands alone and the name one derives from letters of his first and last name. One Tha God has been an entertainer for most of his life, and became a full fledged recording artist in the year 2002.

One Tha God has released local indie classics and Michigan state street gems such as Street Penitentiary in 2004, Murder Mitten Vol. 1 in 2007 with the 2nd set in the series released in 2009, as well as a slew of other critically acclaimed projects the following years. One Tha God has worked with many prestigious music producers and composers from Tito 6 of SoSay International, Zoo of Zoo Beats courtesy of Skywalker Productions, Dontrell Brown, Memphis Raines and renowned sound engineer Bernard Terry at 521 Studios and many others. Follow the artist on all social media.... FACEBOOK


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