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[NEW MUSIC] Bizarre "Rat Poison" | @bizarresworld

Bizarre of the infamous Detroit group, D12, has been making headlines in media and social media lately. Bizarre debuted in the early 2000s with the group D12 with members Eminem, the late Proof, Swifty McVay, Kuniva, Kon Artist, and more involved in the background. The group made a huge impact in this timeframe, especially in the rise of Eminem's career. D12 even to this day was a household name in the city of Detroit.

Bizarre isn't a stranger to releasing albums or projects on his own. His first major release back in 2005, Hannicap Circus, was the first solo album showcasing his ability in the rap game. Everyone knows Bizarre for his raunchy, unfiltered, dark humor style and Hannicap Circus was nothing short of the style that was showcased in the D12 days. That was just the start, Bizarre a few years later released his second solo album, Blue Cheese & Coney Island. This was more of the Bizarre that we know showcasing his abilities as a solo artist. This album featured the likes of King Gordy, Tech N9ne, ScarChild, and more. Blue Cheese & Coney Island was produced by Detroit's own DubMuzik, a well-known producer in the city, who has helped produce the majority of D12's work.

Bizarre's solo work doesn't stop here. In 2010 Bizarre released his third solo album Friday Nights at St. Andrews Hall. This album showcases the raunchy and dark style of hip-hop that we know Bizarre for. This project features the likes of King Gordy, Tech N9ne, Royce Da 5'9, and more. This album was a bit different than the rest. His past work involved more humor

than anything, which kept his following coming back for more. With Nights at St. Andrews Hall, he was more focused on his lyrical ability. He showcased that he has what it takes to hang in the rap scene when it comes to lyrical bars, cadence, and wordplay. This album was produced by lesser-known producers so Bizarre can showcase the independent side of Detroit.

In 2019 Bizarre, after a 9-year break, released his 4th studio album RUFUS. In the opening track "RIP TO BIZARRE" he took to the past Eminem method of killing off his alter ego which helped him bring his true reality to his fans. Throughout the album, he pretty much brings to light who he is. From beginning to end this album shows a different side of Bizarre that we haven't seen before. This was just the start of this artist come back.

Bizarre has been featured in a lot of records from Eminem's albums, D12's, and even worked with Twizid and was signed to their label at one point in his career. With creating mixtapes, features, and his 4 solo albums Bizarre's consistency has shown that he is going nowhere.

D12 may have dispersed, but Bizarre is outside proving he's still got it. Being seen with the likes of Eminem and Big Sean during the Detroit Lions playoff game versus the Rams, working with indie artists, and even providing a cameo it would be an understatement that he doesn't exist in the music scene anymore. In the last couple of years, he's released numerous albums such as HE'S GOT A GUN, HGG2, PETER, and more.

The newest project on Bizarre's discography is Rat Poison released 1/18/2024. The 7 track EP produced by Foul Mouth showcases the gritty, dark humor, and rachet style that we know Bizarre for. This is a wake-up call for the city of Detroit and the world as he shows he's his own weapon of mass destruction in the Detroit music scene. This is only the beginning and time will only tell where Biz goes from here, but one thing is certain he's not taking no for an answer and possesses the will to be Detroit's top underground artist. His style, his talent, and his uniqueness all combined is what makes him dangerous in this game. His connection with Eminem and success with D12 have helped him establish his following, but his grind is relentless as an independent artist and it shows.

Check out Rat Poison below





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