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[SPOTLIGHT] Spoken Word artist Nima Shiningstar-El | IG @Nima_El

Platinum Radio Online is proud to shine a light on Nima Shiningstar-El, a powerhouse author and poetess who is inspiring the world with her words and creativity. Nima's work transcends genres, from books and podcasts to visual art and live shows.

Nima resides in Philadelphia, PA where she has written an abundance of books, two of which were recently released on Amazon. Her books “Sometimes In The Light” and “Until The Pencil Breaks, Until The Pen Runs Out” have received rave reviews from readers around the globe. Nima is also a podcast host of Big Woo Radio's The Floetic Poetry Show and an Instagram Live show titled The Art Room, where she muses about her work and encourages others with their creative pursuits.

It is Nima’s mission to inspire individuals of all ages and backgrounds to express themselves and live a life of purpose through her art. Nima shines as a star in the literary world and we are proud to recognize her accomplishments. For more information about Nima and Nima Girl Productions, please visit the links below.

We are so honored to highlight Nima Shiningstar-El’s influence and impact in the literary realm!

Nima Shininstar-El's LinkTree!

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