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The Original Barbee Makes a Major Comeback with her Latest Single "Chemistry" and More

Check out the interview and the new music from "The Original Barbee"

Where have you been Barbee?

As you know, I released my first record at 16, and from that point, I was grinding away focusing on my career for 8 years. I began to feel like I needed to take a break and spend more time with my family and friends. I wanted a break from life and to feel like a normal person.

Then Covid happened, which pushed back my return, as it slowed the music industry down overall. I did spend 2 years in Israel for residency in Tel Aviv performing my records and Bob Marley covers. It was great to see how much the rest of the world loves reggae music.

Where do you live?

I’m a global citizen lol

How are you going to approach the game This time?

Based on my prior experience, I became wiser and more knowledgeable, I got a better understanding of how the Industry works, With the technological advances today, I’m understanding how easy it is for an artist to get their music out there, and connect with their fans, Network, and build a brand. So I have a heavy focus on my Social media presence, Building my brand, Connecting with other like-minded people, and not just posting pretty pictures.

Who are some of the artists and producers you’ve worked with for your new music?

For my new project, I want To expand my sound, Before most of my songs were pop-reggae, now I see myself more as a global artist. Being a Global artist, I networked and reached out to Latin, Afro-pop, and R&B producers to help create my new sound. I can never forget the Jamaica reggae influence. I’m always going to be that Span town girl.

What are you doing new for the culture?

As I alluded to before, more global worldly-sounding music. Given my background as a Jamaican/Afro Latina with Nigerian roots, I want to make sure the music I’m making resonates with all my cultures. I’m evolving and Blending the sounds of the different cultures into one. So the music you’re getting is Barbee!

Explain your new single and what’s your current project?

The new song is titled “Chemistry!” It’s a fun Spring/Summertime record, that’s Bubbly and flirting. I creatively played with reggae and R&B. It’s just about when you have that person that you love and care about you. Submit to them and show them how much you love them.

What’s today’s climate how do you feel about ghostwriters?

Music is about a feeling and music is collaborative, I would never say I wouldn’t work with a songwriter, Especially as a singer in the studio, there are multiple people in the room. With the energy of the session, Ideas and suggestions get shared. I can combine those ideas with mine and create the best song possible. To make a comparison, If you look at a big company like Coca-Cola, There’s not just one person creating all the ideas for different beverages - it’s a collaborative effort.

Where can your fans and followers find everything about you on social media?

As an artist and social media influencer, the first place you can find me is my Instagram @theoriginalbarbee. You can follow my day to day in my stories and everything going on with me. For my official music videos you can go to YouTube and check out the Barbee Vevo page all my official music videos will be released on this Channel

Also, I have a TikTok similar to my Instagram. You can see behind the scenes and catch up with my day-to-day life. For everything that I have going on check out - barbeesworld.

I’m very big on fitness and Health! I have the website Where I offer personal training sessions as well as meal prep. I’m all about making sure we all live our best lives possible.

Finally, my new single “Chemistry” is streaming on all digital platforms -



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