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The Quest Chronicles: Foreplay, You Ready? @TQuestGLM

Gotta love some erotic stimulation before getting it poppin! From the sexually look I give you while undressing you with my eyes to props like ice, cough drops and whip cream. Pre-gaming, or should I say Foreplay is just as important as the act of sex itself. Foreplay often doesn’t get enough credit. This neglected step in your sexual escapades can be the key to an even more explosive main course.

It’s smart to stretch before you dance, practice before a good game & start your morning right with a balanced breakfast. The ending is sweeter with a proper beginning.

It’s evident that sex is important to many people. Some can’t live without it. Sad but reality. In other cases, sex is non exiting or so generic that partners are just doing it yet not enjoying it anymore. What happened to the spark? Maybe it’s time to switch it up, go back to the basic, better yet, let’s have a better start. Here’s some Foreplay tips to help spice it up a little or just some tips you may want to try because it sounds interesting.

*In order for this to be done properly, you have to be INTO the person you with. Don’t worry about time, just get lost in the moment & lost into your partner. Make it about them & watch what happens.

*PDA: Sounds cheesy but it’s a turn on. Not just kissing but a grip/slap on the booty, or a over pants rub of his penis to the simple whisper ” You look good in that dress, I can wait to devour you later!”

*Massages & Oils are cliche but spice it up by using edible oils. Nothing like massaging and sucking the oil off her breast or his penis & the most important massage, the BOOTY rub… Gets me every time!

*Simple communication can go along way, even have face to face phone sex. Don’t be shy, speak up.

I can give tips forever but I will not. The importance of this post is to re fall about in love with the one you’re with. Keep the sex life alive. Have some fun, be spontaneous & most important cater to your partner. This goes to both men & woman. If you both make each a priority, you can’t go wrong. Take your time, don’t be in a rush to get a nut. Foreplay is just as stimulating if done right.

Now, don’t be shy… I want you to share some of your foreplay tips. We’re all adults. You may even help someone else so get the writing.

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