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The Quest Chronicles: Hungry, My Love? @TQuestGLM

Dinner time, in the kitchen rocking nothing but an apron that reads "How Do I Taste?" while wearing high heels waiting for him to come home. "Baby, dinner is served. Care for some wine? It's just the way you like it, sweet like me." Now doesn't that sound delectable?!

Many may say, I would love for my lady to do that for me. Why can't she? Why wouldn't she want to? What woman wouldn't want to cater to her man? Is she over worked or unhappy? Sounds like some readjusting needs to be made. I'm the type of women who is down to do anything that makes my man happy. If he's happy, I'm happy & vice versa.

We can get in the kitchen and chef up something together. Come up behind me, body pressed on my body, puts his hands on my hands as I stir. "Here baby, come taste my sauce." Now that can be taken many ways and I'm here for all of it! You can even have a little fun with it. You know how people are always arguing who is the better cook, you can't make it like my momma, blah blah blah. Well, have a cook off, and winner gets a kinky surprise or something relaxing like a massage with an happy ending of course. Always have to keep the relationship fun and spicy.

Now if one doesn't know how to cook, it's ok. Try taking a cooking course together. It'll be a fun date night & something different. You can even be a little clever with take out. Its not about KNOWING how to cook all the time because at the end of the day, everyone just wants to be fed a delicious meal. Homemade is just a bonus that can be remixed at times.

At the end of the day, it's about making sure each other is good, fed, satisfy and happy. A little effect can go a long way. So, with that being said, Bon Appetit! You know what to do next, leave some comments. Tell me some of your fun Kitchen stories between you and your love or even a story where you attempted to do something special and it went wrong. Mistakes happens and its OK to laugh at it later. Just hoping no house was burned down because this can get awkward! lol

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