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The Quest Chronicles: I'm Your GirlFRIEND @TQuestGLM

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I honestly feel I spoil my friends too much. It’s too the point my guy friends as well as my female friends be making it feel like we’re in a relationship because of the way I treat them. It was comical at first but once they got too comfortable it became too much, that’s where I have to draw the line.

I remember years ago one of my guy friends was upset because Dunkin Donuts stop selling Hot White Chocolate & he use to get one every morning before work. Being the kind female friend that I am, I invited him over & made him some hot white chocolate from scratch. Aawww, how sweet! Yea, that’s what I though until he expected me to make it for him all the time. Uummm,I was being nice as your FRIEND, you are not my man so you don’t get all these special treatments.

Sometimes when it comes to my female friends, if they are down & out, I do my best to cheer them up, I’ll even take them out just to put a smile on their face. What are friends for, right? Well, some of them got too comfortable with this special treatment that they would call me often and asking what we doing, where we going or will see me out via social media clips and ask how come I didn’t invite them. Look, I do nice things for you because I’m your friend but you can’t keep expecting all of this. I don’t need to check in. I don’t have to invite you to everything I do. I have my own life to live. I am not your man. Go find one LOL

I always tell people, a friendship is very similar to a relationship without the intimacy depending on how kinky your friendship is. There’s nothing wrong with doing something special for your friends. Friends are the relatives you get to choose for your own family. Also, there’s nothing wrong with embracing a friend who enjoys doing nice things for you but don’t forget they’re just your friend! Not your boyfriend, not your girl friend, just your FRIEND! People get some comfortable that they forget the title the other person actually has. It’s not their job to do certain things, don’t make the friendship uncomfortable trying to force them to fill that void you secretly wish you had someone special to fill.

I know a lot of you can relate to this topics so don’t be shy. Leave a comment explaining a scenario where your friend was getting to use special treatments given by you or expecting so much from you as if you were their companion and not just their friend. I’m secreting hoping to hear some funny stories so don’t be shy!

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