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The SEO Queen presents the 2nd Annual REACH MORE CLIENTS POWER CONFERENCE | IG @TheSEOQueen

As a result of the massive success, very large attendance, participation and high praise of the previous event, Zhe L. Scott the SEO Queen presents the 2nd Annual REACH MORE CLIENTS POWER CONFERENCE for Saturday July 23rd, 2022! 2021's Power Conference which was led, moderated and produced by Zhe herself, was a 3 day virtual event that featured several virtual workshops, classes, speeches, meetings and Q & A sessions with some of the most powerful and prominent figures in today's business world. For 2022 the conference is being held at a physical location, The Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, CA and is a one-day event that will last for the majority of the day from morning until evening. The conference will feature and contain speeches, as well as many teachable moments from various experts, and business professionals there to give useful tips, advice and ways to implement strategies to increase your bottom line and reach more clients.

Early Bird Tickets are available now and all the way until March 8th 2022 so act now. Purchase your tickets today at

Prominent businesswoman / SEO Expert Zhe L. Scott


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